Green machines 

If you are an existing Sustainable Salon member and would like to support their zero-waste goals, you can purchase a Hairvac machine and replacements bags with your points. 


Hairvac Electric Hair Vacuum Cleaner = 1084 points 

Hairvac replacement bags = 240 points 

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We're proud of our partnership with Paul Franca and Ewelina Soroko of Sustainable Salons.

These eco warriors launched Sustainable Salons in 2015, with the single minded goal of fixing the salon waste problem by establishing a salon recycling program.

Fast forward, and the business now has over 1000 members across Australia and New Zealand committed to the journey towards zero waste.  

Paul and Ewelina offer sustainably-minded solutions to help salons and barbers make greener solutions through their rewards program. This is where Hairvac gets involved as an environmentally friendly solution for everyday salon cleaning practise. 

Our powerful, easy-to-use electrical hair vacuums have a 2-horsepower motor that sucks hair from the salon floor into a recyclable bag.

Each bag can contain the equivalent of approximately 250 haircuts - that's a lot of hair! 

How is the hair used? Sustainable Salons collects hair from the salon floor, and uses it to stuff into stockings to make 'Hair Booms' that can one day help clean up oil spills along our coastlines. 

To find out more about Sustainable Salons and their work, check out their website at

Happy sweeping, 

Team Hairvac