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About Hairvac

About Us

Hairvac is the world’s leading Hair Salon Vacuum Manufacturer. Founded & operated by father and son team, together Robert & Jamie have over 40years experience in the vacuum Industry and share a common vision.

Our Vision

To offer the World’s Best Industrial Grade Vacuum Cleaner for Hair & Beauty Salons, and unprecedented after Sales Service.

We have been servicing the Salon Industry with our product for over 10years and have poured all our knowledge and experience including feedback from our clients to offer the most outstanding product for fast and clean hair disposal. A product we know will serve you, your staff, your clients, and your business well.

Manufactured from the most durable material each Hairvac is designed & built to last!

Our reputation is built by those we serve. You, our customer are the most important asset.

Hairvac Team

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